Return of the Meet the Maker Series: Leo's Wood Instruments

Meet Leo, of Leo's Wood Instruments, the maker behind the hand crafted tungsten soldering picks with the custom wooden handles in our sold out June Boxes. We're enamored with his coffin kazoos and his unique maker lifestyle that came out of his call to the craft.

Company Name:

LeosWood / @Leoswoodinstruments


Full time musical instrument and tool maker.  Part time instructor at Cleveland School of Cannabis.  Former nurse.


 How did the idea for your company come about?

Roughly 3 years ago my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I needed a way to earn money while having the ability to stay home with her.  At the time I was looking for work as an RN, but I was also getting back into woodwork after a decade long hiatus. Almost jokingly, I listed a couple kazoos that I made as an experiment on eBay.  To my surprise, they sold I kept making them, and things really took off from there. I truly enjoyed being a nurse, however, I LOVE the work I do with wood. At this point I have no intentions of working in healthcare again.

 The majority of the tools and other items in my portfolio came about either from my own personal need, or as a suggestion from friends and fellow makers.  For example, these soldering picks were an idea from my friend Tiffany Scribner who runs The Wild Blue Bear Studio.

 What should our supply drop subscribers know about your business (products or services offered)?

Even though I work slow and make things in small batches, I have a diverse portfolio that includes a variety of tools, eating/serving utensils, kazoos, guitars, ukuleles, and much more.  If you can dream it, I can make it.

 Favorite product or tool tip (for your item included in our box)?

Here’s a neat tip when it comes to these soldering picks: if the titanium bit bends for any reason, it can simply be bent back into place.  Titanium is a relatively malleable metal, so there is no need to worry about breaking it off.


Where do you find design inspiration for new pieces, stones, products, etc.?

Everywhere!  Friends, fellow makers, the world around me, music, books, movies, etc.


 Is there something we don't know about you but should?

I live and work out of a big white box truck that I’ve transformed into a woodshop/tiny house on wheels.




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